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XscapeNow: Runaway Train Review

"More than just a pretty face, Runaway Train is a brilliant example of impeccable game flow and game design. A must-play!"
runaway train xscapenow review


“The infamous outlaw Butch Cassikey has proved impossible to catch. It’s believed he is on a train leaving from Locksville and the local Sheriff has sent you there to capture him. Can you stop the train in time to avert disaster?”

Room Design

If immersion and visual aesthetics are important to your level of escape room enjoyment, you won’t be disappointed with Runaway Train.

Living in the West Midlands ourselves, Telford was only a short trip away and we’d heard great things about XscapeNow from other escape room enthusiasts (and more specifically Runaway Train), so we couldn’t wait to visit!

The space really is incredible and it really does feel as though you are in different carriages of a train running after someone.

Lot’s of space to move around and discover the room’s secrets, and plenty of fun props to play with.

It only took a matter of minutes before we willingly dressed in various cowboy hats, neckerchiefs, and slung pistols around! It was super fun to get involved in the room and the theme, we didn’t take our time in there massively seriously and were just focused on having fun.

This is definitely down to the space being nicely designed, open and bright. We loved the small touches here and there and playing the room makes you realise how big it is, made up of 4 or 5 different ‘carriages’ with a different visual style.

Puzzles & Gameplay

A great room needs to be more than just a pretty face, and Runaway Train has some excellent and compelling gameplay to really cement the experience.

A huge mix of puzzles and that feel really rewarding as you progress make for a fantastic time. We loved the physical moments in particular and they really helped to break up the room with some fun and skill!

There was so much to do and never a dull moment. Honestly, this might be one of the best examples of impeccable ‘flow’ in an escape room that we’ve experienced.

The design and constant movement forward certainly helps with the feeling of progression, and how the puzzles funnel into each other is great design.


It wasn’t the most difficult room we’ve ever played as a duo but we were definitely challenged.

We absolutely blasted through the first couple of areas but were very quickly faced with a few particular puzzles that had us stumped.

Because the room was so fun and we were having such a great time from beginning to end, we didn’t ever feel overly frustrated when getting stuck! The difficulty balance is just right in our opinion.

Clue System

XscapeNow’s clue system is interesting as you are given a limited amount and have to say a specific phrase to get a clue! The gamesmaster will give you one if you are particularly stuck though.

We’d love to play more games with a limit on clues, it ups the pressure just enough that you are careful about when you ask for that helping hand! It gave us more responsibility to solve specific areas ourselves which was nice.

Games Host

From the second we arrived, we knew we were going to be in good hands. We played 3 rooms in one day at XscapeNow and the absolute legend that is Callum looked after us.

You can tell instantly that the place is ran by fellow enthusiasts and it certainly shows.

Callum was the perfect host and so informative about the rooms. We loved hearing little snippets of information about the philosophy and designs of the rooms after completing them, and just chatting in general about all things escape rooms!

Did We Get Out?

We escape in 51 minutes and 44 seconds! Yee-haw!

Final Thoughts

Honestly, one of the best rooms we’ve completed.

We’re so lucky to have an escape room company as good as this in Telford and if you’re looking for rooms to do in this area, you have to go visit.

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