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Pier Pressure Brighton: Raver Quest Review

"High-tech, high-energy and bags of fun. A unique and entertaining nightclub escape room experience with refreshing gameplay!"
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“Raver Quest is high tech, high energy and high fun! Set in a 90s rave nightclub you have to interact with the technology, complete the mini-games, and solve the puzzles. All set to an epic 90s dance music soundtrack. A world famous DJ is worried about their lack of fans and has enlisted the help of a hardcore rave crew! Can you find out what has happened to the missing ravers?

Room Design

Raver Quest is not your typical escape room.

We’d heard from fellow UK enthusiasts that Pier Pressure Escape Rooms in Brighton was a must-visit, and now we know why.

This was 1 of 3 we completed that day, the other 2 being the fantastic ‘Loot The Lanes’ & ‘Pavilion Perplex’ (where we actually got engaged within the escape room!).

The room designs for all 3 were incredible, and Raver Quest was no different.

From the moment you step into the room, you’re immersed in a colorful and lively atmosphere that immediately puts you in the party mood! The room is decked out with neon lights, a DJ booth, a bar, 90s dance music, and even a dancefloor, making it feel like you’re actually at a rave.

The room also incorporates some high-tech elements that add to the immersion and make the experience even more memorable! The quality and attention to detail really is something else.

Puzzles & Gameplay

This is where things get really interesting. The puzzle design throughout your rave experience is really unique, involving lots of sound-based puzzles (of course) and many colour and logic puzzles.

The lack of traditional padlocks was such a breath of fresh air and each puzzle feels like a natural part of the room’s theming! There were some high-tech elements that added a unique twist to the gameplay, making the experience all the more engaging and immersive.

One section, in particular, blew us away involving lasers, mirrors, and a smoke machine. It was like something straight out of Portal 2 and we couldn’t believe how cool it looked and felt to solve. Kudos!

Teamwork is also a huge part of the gameplay in Raver Quest. Multiple puzzles required us to communicate properly and work together in ways we haven’t before. So much fun from beginning to end!


This is a weird one as we got out in a really good time and it found it as one of the easier rooms, even though we did get stuck on a couple of puzzles.

To be honest, Raver Quest is up there as one of the most fun rooms we’ve ever played. 

This does some work in making the room feel a little less challenging, as you’re having so much fun throughout! It’s hard not to as the 90s music pumps through the speakers and the lights are flashing whilst you’re searching through the bar and the DJ decks up close. 

It strikes a perfect balance between being challenging and enjoyable.

Clue System

Rather than relying on a traditional clue system, the room has a small stage set up where players can request clues in a rather fun and interactive way.

If we were stuck on a puzzle and needed a nudge in the right direction, one of us can hop up onto the stage and show off their best dance moves. The game master, (who is also the DJ), will then provide a clue on screen!

We absolutely loved this clue system, it was so silly and appropriate for the vibes of the room. 

We’d love to see more escape rooms come up with silly ways to get the players to ask for a clue!

Games Host

All of the staff at Pier Pressure are just wonderful and our particular gamesmaster for Raver Quest was totally in character and dressed for the part.

He did an awesome job as our resident DJ in getting us hyped up for the room (not that we needed any extra encouragement!) and we had the best time.

Did We Get Out?

We did indeed! In 43 minutes 25 seconds. Woo!

Final Thoughts

Easily up there as one of our favourite escape rooms of all time. We had so much fun and spent the time generally being really silly and just enjoying the whole experience. Dancing and raving along to 90s hits whilst solving high-tech and unique puzzles… what more could you want?

The guys at Pier Pressure are just incredible too and really make it feel special for you.

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