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14 Personality Types You’ll Find In An Escape Room (Which One Are You?)


Escape rooms are a fun and exciting way to challenge yourself and test your problem-solving skills. But have you ever stopped to consider the different personality types that can be found in an escape room? From the puzzle master to the explorer, the leader to the adrenaline junkie, each team member brings their own unique strengths and weaknesses to the game. 

In this article, we will take a closer look at some of the most common personality types you’ll find in an escape room, along with some humorous and entertaining names for each type.

We’ll also explore which type of player you might be, so you can understand your own strengths and weaknesses and use them to your advantage in your next escape room adventure.

So whether you’re a seasoned escape room veteran or a newcomer to the game, come with us as we take a closer look at the personalities that make escape rooms so much fun!

personality types in escape room

1. The Control Freak

This player is always trying to take charge and control everything.

They want to make sure everyone is doing things the “right” way and they don’t like it when others take the lead. They can be bossy and demanding, but they’re also usually very organized and efficient.

2. The Puzzle Master

This player is all about solving puzzles and figuring out clues. They love to analyze and interpret information, and they’re always looking for patterns and connections.

They’re the first one to spot a hidden code or a secret message and is always thinking about the logical and reasoning side of escape rooms. They’re the ones who are always looking for ways to connect the dots and figure out how things work and they’re also the ones who are always looking for clues and trying to put them together to figure out the bigger picture.

They possess the ability to find out the real reason behind the puzzles and clues!

3. The Explorer

This player is always eager to check out every nook and cranny of the escape room.

They love to search for hidden objects and secret compartments, and they’re always the first ones to find the extra keys or tools that can help the team progress! Having at least one explorer in your team is crucial to a successful escape!

4. The Leader

This personality type is one who takes charge and keeps the team on track. They’re the one who organizes and delegates tasks, and they’re always thinking about the big picture and the overall strategy for the escape room.

They’re the ones who are always looking for ways to bring the team together and make sure everyone is working together effectively!

5. The Drag-Along

This player is the one who was dragged along by their friends and has no idea what they’re actually doing… They’re not really interested in puzzles or clues, but they’re going along with it for the sake of the group.

This personality type might not be much help with the puzzles in an escape room, but they’re usually good for a laugh to break the ice!

6. The Adrenaline Junkie

 This escape room personality type is all about the thrill and excitement of the escape room. They love the rush of adrenaline that comes with solving puzzles and escaping from locked rooms.

They’re always the first ones to try out new challenges and take risks, and they’re always looking for ways to add a little extra excitement to the game! Loads of fun to have this type of person in your group and they can definitely make the experience an intense one!

7. The Break-it-All

This player is a bit too hands-on and tends to break everything. They’re the type of person who’s always pushing buttons, turning knobs, and opening drawers without thinking.

They might find some useful things, but they’re also likely to break something important and set the team back. In short, escape room owners and gamemasters are watching this player through their fingers, hoping they don’t break anything important!

8. The Actor

This personality type definitely studied Drama at A-Level or GSCE! They’re always trying to play a role and make the escape room more fun. They might be the one who’s always pretending to be a detective or a spy, or wearing outfits and props inside the room.

They can be a bit distracting, but they’re also usually the one who keeps the team’s spirits up when things get really tricky.

9. The Communicator

Any successful escape room team is going to need someone who is particularly good at communicating and can explain things clearly and concisely. ‘The Communicator’ is great at keeping everyone on the same page and making sure everyone understands the puzzles and clues.

They are the ones who can explain the most complex puzzles in simple terms, making it easy for the team to understand. This makes them great if you are taking newbies along for their first-ever escape room, or if you’re on an escape room first date!

10. The Motivator

“Yes Coach!” This player is great at motivating the team and keeping everyone’s spirits up.

They’re the one who’s always cheering the team on and encouraging them to keep going. The motivator is always looking for ways to keep the team’s energy high and make sure everyone is having fun.

11. The Panicker

This player is the one who panics easily and gets stressed out by the escape room. They’re always worried that they’re running out of time or that they’re going to get stuck in a room forever!

They might be a bit of a liability, but they’re also usually the one who comes up with the most creative solutions when they’re under pressure.

12. The Organizer

This player is great at keeping track of items, locks, and inventory throughout the game. They’re the one who’s always making sure everyone knows what they have and what they need, and they’re the one who keeps the team organized and on track.

They are the ones who are always keeping an eye on the inventory, making sure no important items are left behind, which is easily done in the middle of an difficult room!

13. The Defeatist

This personality type has a defeatist attitude and gives up too easily on hard puzzles!

They’re the one who’s always looking for clues and hints instead of trying to figure things out themselves… They might not be the most helpful in the group, but they’re usually the one who’s most likely to get the team out of a tricky situation.

14. The Wild Card

 This player is a bit of a wild card and tends to take risks and act impulsively. ‘The Wild Card’ is always trying new things and pushing the boundaries, and they’re the one who’s always willing to try something crazy to get out of a locked room!

They can be a bit unpredictable, but they’re also usually the one who comes up with the most creative solutions.